My name is Elisabetta. I am a filmmaker and fashion photographer. In this field, I always felt the strong desire to tell the truest emotions through video images of lovers and their most beautiful day.  Since I got married myself, I understood even better the importance of capturing every moment of that special day and keep it forever. The joy of being able to live those moments again; to see the emotions of our loved ones, to feel the wonder of the coronation of your love, is a huge value. Curious by nature, lover of details, I have learned from fashion how to share details. If you have already chosen details that you want to be exposed, they become important for me too, whether it`s the shade of the bouquet, a lace embroidered on the veil or the grandfather`s cufflinks on the groom`s wrist.


I love to chat a little with the couples before their big day to better understand their wishes and expectations about the wedding video.

Whether it`s a romantic, ironic, sportive couple or a mix of these or other characteristics, my joy is to be able to make the most of it; catching the best and most significant moments so that you can carry them forever in your hearts.  Moreover, when I show the job done and I see your eyes so happy, it`s an immense joy because I know I did a good job.

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La Poesia dei Fenicotteri literally The Flamingos poetry is a kind of magic. It`s an instant, a cross of glances, a memory that you will preserve forever in the pink drawer of your hearts. I decided to call my videos that because of the strong symbology attributed to these animals. Very close to the family, the affectionate way they take care of their little ones, flamingos are often associated with love, elegance, dreams, positivity, evolution, and sincerity. This is exactly what I feel when I create a wedding movie. That’s the reason why I called my videos this way.
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